From camelback additions and double-to-single shotgun conversions, to new homes designed to fit seamlessly into their historic surroundings, we understand both the complexities inherent in working with historic homes and the sensitivities required to construct new homes in historic neighborhoods. We see our mission as partnering with our clients and developing trusting, open lines of communication through which our clients can make informed decisions. A vital differentiating element in our philosophy is our desire to be direct and transparent about budgets. We provide detailed line item budgets with fixed costs, so the client/contractor team is working towards the same financial goal.


Whether you have just started thinking about your new home or you have already started working with your own architect, Entablature is happy to assist you during the design phase.

Using Your Own Architect

Entablature has had the pleasure of working with many of the talented local architects. We provide line item bids on completed plans and also assist with value engineering at your architect’s request.

Using Jenny Zurik Design Services

Entablature is very proud of our partnership with Jenny Zurik. Over the years we have developed a working relationship that combines both design and construction expertise from day one, rather than as distinct stages of planning. Similar to our philosophy about budgets, we believe that everyone should be working towards a unified goal where form and function unite within an understanding of the client’s desires.